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Yam Flour

This project is another Agricultural Value Chain business. Yam Flour is a popular food item in Nigeria, most especially in the Western part of the Country. This trading business was financed to provide this item from the area of surplus to where it is scarce. The performance of this project has been wonderful.

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Animal Feed Product

This is our project to support agricultural value chains. An opportunity was identified and actualized by financing this project of selling animal feed products in an agricultural settlement area in Ikorodu, Lagos State.

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Fulfilling the feeding of every individual is the focus of this project. The restaurant was financed to operate at a higher level due to the improved qualifications of the Promoter who is a Certified Caterer.

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Stock Products

Groceries merchandising is a common activity in most living abodes in the country. This project was to fulfil the needs of the inhabitants of an environment to get their daily needs within short distance to their homes.

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Deep Freezer

The objective of this project is to assist in fulfilling the cooling needs of the Client's immediate environment. The Deep Freezer will be used to cool beyond room temperature items like water, soft drinks, Yogurt, milk drinks, etc.

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Grinding Machine

A Medium Size Grinding Machine to grind pepper, beans and other light items.

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